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Novel (Fantasy)

During an annual summer visit to the family farm in Florida, Zeke Sinclair and his friends discover an old, long-abandoned satchel in his grandma’s smokehouse, a leather bag filled with a collection of very unusual items. Shortly afterward and with the satchel in tow, Zeke and his friends Jackson and Crystal are mysteriously transported to the strange and dangerous world of Crescent.

Zeke and his friends Jackson and Crystal battle mythical creatures, evil haints (ghosts), and a tyrannical, soul-snatching king as they travel in search of the only one who can possibly help them get back home—the all-wise Two-Head who lives in the northern region. They will have to draw on the power of friendship and the lost folk traditions contained in the satchel if they are to return to the safety of Sinclair Farm.


Characters_Artwork-3_Монтажная область 1 копия.jpg
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