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What historical figure inspired you most as a youth?

"I was the fastest sprinter in middle school. It was the first time in my youth that I had felt self-pride... a feeling that I possessed some attribute worthy of notice. I remember watching a made-for-TV docudrama in 1977 on Wilma Rudolph, a young girl born prematurely at 4.5 lbs who contracted polio, scarlet fever, and wore a brace to corrected her twisted foot and weakened legs. Despite her physical limitations as a child, she went on to become the first woman in track and field to win three Olympic gold medals, becoming a Civil Rights pioneer in the process. A woman with significant physical limitations became, at one time, the fastest woman in the world! Whenever I needed inspiration in my early youth, I only had to think about the indomitable spirit of Wilma Rudolph. It would not be until the 80s, during senior high that another iconic figure would positively affect my life. Hint: He wore a single, white sequined glove!"

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